SMS Provider Setup

NEMO/ELMO needs to be synced with an SMS provider in order to use the SMS feature. Three options are available:

  • FrontlineSMS
  • Twilio
  • Generic SMS adapter


You can turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a gateway using FrontlineSMS. For this you need to sign up for a FrontlineCloud account.

Synchronize FrontlineSMS with your Android device

  1. Download FrontlineSync from the Play Store.
  2. Open FrontlineSync app from your Android device.
  3. Enter your FrontlineCloud email and password and press CONNECT.
  4. Make sure Send messages using this Androis and Upload incoming messages from FrontlineSync are checked then press UPDATE.

To test your setup:

  1. Open your FrontlineCloud account.
  2. Click settings on the top right then click Connections to mobile networks.

You should now be able to see the device you have previously set up.

Configure connections


For more details check Frontline documentation.

Synchronize FrontlineSMS with NEMO/ELMO

Now that you have synchronized your Android device with FrontlineCloud, you will need to synchronize FrontlineCloud with NEMO/ELMO.

Set up a new activity

  1. On FrontlineCloud click Activities.
  2. Click Create an Activity.
  3. Select Forward to URL.
  4. Type a name for your activity.
  5. Select All inbound SMS.
  6. To get the Target URL, get back to your NEMO/ELMO mission, click Settings then in the Incoming SMS Token section click How do I use this? and copy the URL that shows up in the dialog.
  7. Make sure HTTP Method is set to POST.
  8. Now set the following key-value pairs:
Key Value
from ${trigger.sourceNumber}
frontlinecloud 1
sent_at ${}
body ${trigger.text}
  1. Click Save.
Frontline NEMO/ELMO config

Generate an API Key

  1. Click settings on the top right then click API web services and Integrations.
  2. Click Connect a web service.
  3. Select Connect an external web service to your workspace.
  4. Enter a name for the web service.

A new row will appear on the screen with an API Key in the Details. We will need this API Key for the next step.


  1. Click Settings menu.
  2. Add the SIM card number to the Incoming Number(s) field. If adding more than one number, separate the numbers with a comma.
  3. Set Default Outgoing Provider to FrontlineCloud.
  4. In FrontlineCloud Settings click Change API Key.
  5. Paste the API Key that you previously generated in FrontlineCloud.


If you are using Twilio as your SMS provider you need to set the following settings in NEMO/ELMO:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Make sure the Default Outgoing Provider: is set to Twilio.
  3. In Twilio Settings section, set the Outgoing Number which is the phone number registered with Twilio. Outgoing SMS broadcasts won’t work unless this number is owned by your Twilio account. This number must include the country code. Example: +25680344523.
  4. Set the Account SID for your twilio account.
  5. If needed, click Change Auth Token to change the auth token for the Twilio account.

Generic SMS Adapter Settings

If you are using a provider other than Twilio and FrontlineSMS you will need to set up a Generic SMS Adapter.

  1. Click Settings on your NEMO/ELMO mission.
  2. Make sure the Default Outgoing Provider: is set to none.
  3. In Generic SMS Adapter Settings set a JSON formatted configuration string for the generic adapter. Example :
  "params": {
    "from": "num",
    "body": "msg"
  "response": "<message>%{reply}</message>"