Getting Started

Below are the steps required to create a new mission (Admin access required), create a new form, add questions to the form, then deploy the form.

Create a mission


Only Admins can create missions.

  1. Click Admin Mode on the top right.
  2. Click on Missions tab.
  3. Click on Create New Mission.


Admins have the option to lock a mission. When a mission is locked, responses and forms cannot be created or edited, and users cannot be added or deleted. To lock a mission, edit the mission and check the box labeled Locked.

Create a new form

  1. Exit Admin Mode and click on the Forms tab.
  2. Click Create New Form to create your first form.

Add questions to form

Click on + Add Question.



For more details on question types, see Types of questions section.

Publish form

After adding questions to your form, you need to publish the form in order to allow users to submit form responses. To do so click on Publish Form.


Submit response

Form responses can be submitted in three different ways: