Broadcast MessagesΒΆ

Staffers, coordinators, and admins can send broadcast messages to a list of users. Broadcast messages can be sent via email and/or SMS.


For SMS broadcast messages you need an SMS gateway with SMS credit established before messages can be sent.

To send a Broadcast Message:

  1. Click Broadcasts menu.
  2. Click Send Broadcast.
  3. Select a Medium from the drop down list:
  • SMS preferred: will try to send a SMS and then an email, if unsuccessful.
  • Email preferred: will try to send an email and then an SMS if unsuccessful.
  • SMS only: will send only SMS.
  • Email only: will send only email.
  • Both SMS and Email: will send both SMS and email.
  1. Select Recipients.
  • All users in mission: will send to all users in current mission.
  • All enumerators in mission: will send to all enumerators in current mission.
  • Specif users/groups in mission: type the name of the users and/or groups you want to send to.
  1. Type a Subject.
  2. Type your broadcast Message.
  3. Click Send.